Tony the effeminate robotic suitcase, able to follow you about town like R2-D2


robotic-suitcase.jpgIn my eyes, it looks like a rush-job on MS Paint, but according to The Raw Feed, this is actually a picture of a robotic suitcase, available from 2009 through a Russian catalogue.

Now, apparently the suitcase is called ‘Tony’. Heaven knows who’d want a suitcase named Tony following them about wherever they go, and at $2,000, I’d have to say the person would have to be severely deranged to actually buy one. Russians. Hah! Lazy sods, can’t even carry their own suitcases!

Using its internal gyroscope, light, sound and infrared detectors and sensors, it will scurry after your ankles like a little puppy, and dodge pedestrians/armchairs/cats using its superior technology. Users carry a card in their pockets, which the suitcase will track, and if someone steals the little R2-D2-like gizmo, an alarm will sound. You’d have to be pretty bloomin’ lazy and arrogant to warrant the use of ‘Tony’, in my eyes.

(via The Raw Feed)

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