Japanese gamblers encouraged to feed losing tickets to ROBO-GOAT!


A robotic goat? Wow. Just wow. I thought that’d be the last animal I’d see roboticised, but it appears gamblers in Tokyo can even interact with one, after losing insane amounts of yen at the Edogawa Kyotei boat race course.

Punters are encouraged to mourn their losses by feeding their losing tickets to the robo-goat, to minimise littering inside the course. It gets lucky 500 times a day, with 500 tickets going straight to its goat-belly. Of course, the Japanese like to give it an air of mystery and magic, with the ‘goatkeeper’ claiming “It eats up your frustrations so that you will have better luck with the next race.” All together now – awww.

(via Pink Tentacle)

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Katherine Hannaford
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