Delicate robot fingers to caress your scalp


massage-robot.jpgIt looks quite terrifying, but don’t let the fact that it has enough power to rip your head off put you off having a relaxing little scalp massage.

The WAO-1 robot, developed by Japan’s Waseda University, was initially designed to help massage people with jaw problems back to health. Then someone stuck their head in it for a laugh/drunken bet and liked the way it felt, so WAO-1 is currently in the process of being approved for public use in spas and health centres by Japanese robot-checking authorities.

We’d need to know if it’s a lady robot or a man robot first, though, as getting a massage off a man just isn’t as enjoyable for some odd reason. Just paint it pink and we’ll be there.

(Via Digital World Tokyo)

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Gary Cutlack
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