The $75,000 Swami Conversational Robot understands you


swami-robot.jpgThis, even though it doesn’t look it, is a “cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence robot.”

It has the ability to recognise family members’ faces thanks to having cameras for eyes, so presumably can switch itself off and pretend to be broken to avoid having to talk about roadworks and car engines with Boring Uncle Mike.

It’s apparently able to carry on conversations, although the way it’s advertised as talking back with “fact-based advice” makes it sound a little bit like it has a pre-programmed list of Chinese horoscopes, rather than a brain the size of a planet. His face is controlled by 30 motors so he’s able to unnerve practically anyone with odd facial expressions, which, although fun, is something a toy you can pick up for £49.99 in Toys R Us is capable of.

But if you’re very, very desperate for a friend, the Swami Robot can be picked up from here – for $75,000.

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Gary Cutlack
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