Nokia will use Navteq technology for pedestrian navigation, tagging, photos and videos

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nokia-n95.jpgNokia has said that it plans to use the mapping technology from recently acquired company Navteq to develop the mapping applications it can offer to its handset users.

An area it believes is “totally underdeveloped” is pedestrian location-based services. having “basically zero penetration among the 3 billion mobile devices uses globally” according to Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s EVP multimedia.

Such services could include pinpointing where you are on a map, in real time; finding friends, and creating location tags for placing additional information onto a map. It could also be used for adding location-based information to photos and videos — a feature which some satellite navigation devices already have.

Vanjoki also explained why it was important to buy Navteq: “These type of features and services you can only create efficiently if you have the map data and consumer application parts in the same company.”

According to Nokia, its own Maps service has been used at least once by every one of its N95 owners, and is the fourth most popular application, with average use of three times per week. That’s pretty impressive, and it’s not surprising they’re taking these value-added services seriously. $8.1bn-worth of seriousness, in fact, which is what Nokia paid for Navteq.

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