Martin Buehler's prototype jockey-ridden hopping robot will guarantee you look like a moron

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robot-jockey-racing.jpgRemember those insane hopping-machines in playgrounds, shaped like little animals attached to springs, which you sit on it and can jump up and down by about 5 inches? This is the adult, Jackass-esque version. Hours of fun! Hours spent in A&E! A lifetime of bad hips!

According to the designer, Martin Buehler, it’s a ”prototype jockey ridden hopping robot that controlled forward speed, hopping height, and pitch balance, the jockey did sideways balance and steering.” I had to read that sentence over about five times before it made sense, you too?

Check out the video of it here, and join thousands around the world as we all wince in pain when he repeatedly nose-dives. I guess that’s what the Motorcross outfit is for, then.

Martin Buehler’s jockey-ridden robot (via New Scientist)

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