Carphone Warehouse hoping to shift 10,000 iPhones on launch day


carphone-warehouse.jpgiPhone madness is coming. And you thought “the fuss” was too much to bear when it launched in America.

Carphone Warehouse, which is one of the exclusive partners that’s helping Apple seize control of the entire UK telecoms industry next week, reckons it’s going to shift 10,000 iPhones on launch day.

Darren Gardner, the boss of Carphone Warehouse, which doesn’t sell car phones and isn’t really a warehouse either, so he’s not the most trustworthy man in the world, told Reuters “We will hope to represent a big share of what is sold.”

iPhone apocalypse day is November 9, with the phone itself available from 6.00pm – and poor Carphone Warehouse employees made to stay four hours late so stores can stay open until 10.00pm to cope with demand for the jumped-up phone.

For more on the unavoidable insanity and unbearable hysteria surrounding the imminent UK iPhone launch, check out iPhonic. They’re mad for it.

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