Apple has developed a touch-sensitive keyboard, TouchStream, according to patent applications


apple-touch-keyboard.jpgLast week a patent application for a touch-screen keyboard by Apple was leaked to the rumour mill (ok, internet forums) which has subsequently caused a bit of a storm, as you’d expect.

Already in possession of a name, the TouchStream keyboard uses the same technology behind the iPhone, which they acquired when they bought the company Fingerworks in 2005. The design shows a surface which allows for both typing and touch-sensitive browsing, both of which give a certain amount of tactile feedback according to the plans.

Mac Rumours claims that when the keyboard is used for typing, small bumps rise from the surface in the corner of each key, thus making each key slightly-concave, the adequate amount of feedback for a keystroke, according to Apple.

Keyboards relying on touch-sensitivity haven’t been overly popular over the years, with virtual laser keyboards dying a very quick death due to the many feedback problems. As history has demonstrated however, Apple’s bound to come up with the perfect solution to appease fanboys’ touch addiction.
(via Mac Rumours)

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  • What the HELL? This is NOT an Apple product, AT ALL. This product is from FingerWorks and the company has long-since gone out of business..

    What’s with people trying to swear anything tech-worthy is from Apple? Seriously… they haven’t come out with a unique product in forever, they take products that are made by unknown companies and release them later in that year, it’s happened with everything from the iPod to the iPhone.

  • I think i would prefer a keyboard with keys. It would not be very practical since you have to look at the keyboard and won’t feel if you pressed a button.

  • The fact that this is considered a NEW technology is what gets my goat.

    Touch systems have been around since mid 1980s. The multi touch technology that Apple seems so proud of right now, was purchased from a rather nifty company that had little press and did all of the leg work that went into the iPhone. They shut down the keyboard manufacturer that was “Fingerworks” and went into production of the iphone, iTouch and the new Macbook air’s Touchpad. The original keyboard design was visionary and if you are lucky you will find one on E-bay for less than the going rate of 1,400-1,800 USD.

    Thanks Apple for postponing a wonderful product, and giving Microsoft time to come up with their camera based touch system.

  • As you hint – it’s more likely to be a success because it’s an Apple product. It’s a positive step though and advancing on the haptic feedback touch screen in the Viewty. Eventually touch keyboards will take off.

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