How to dress like Apple's Steve Jobs for Halloween


Halloween is tomorrow, and for those who haven’t yet created their geektastic costume, I’ve hunted ’round the online shops to bring you the perfect attire for dressing like Steve Jobs.

Firstly, hit Marks & Spencer for their Blue Harbour fairtrade jeans (£19.50), which are just the right stonewashed-type wash. If you can swallow your shame and enter the high-street hipster haven that is American Apparel, there’s a black long-sleeved t-shirt with your (or Steve’s) name written all over it, for £15. As you’ve seen during his keynotes speeches, ol’ Steve never leaves home without his New Balance trainers, so if you can pick some cheapies up at JJB Sports or something, you’re on a winner there.

We found the all-important round eye-glasses in the style of John Lennon from Frames Direct for $91.90, but obviously just hit up your local costume place for a cheaper pair, and to complete the look, carry around any old Apple accessory you can get your hands on. Obviously an iPhone would be more realistic, but if you can find one in the UK…well, you paid too much for it on eBay and probably don’t have any money left to dress up for Halloween anyway.

Finally, don’t be scared to spout well-known Jobisms all night like, talking about ‘concepts’ and ‘design’ and ‘zen’. Keep an eye out tomorrow for our Bill Gates outfit, and try and convince your mate to go as him. Imagine the geeky hijinks! Maybe your mumsie will allow you to stay out until 10pm! Don’t forget to be home in time for the Star Trek rerun, however.

And if that wasn’t enough, how about dressing like Bill Gates for Halloween?

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Katherine Hannaford
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