Superb Master Chief Halloween/bank robbery/geeky sex costume


Imagine turning up to your flat mate’s Halloween party dressed like Master Chief. The ladies would be ALL OVER you and your huge plastic muscles and massive plastic battle scars!

Or, if you have a slightly finer and more powerful imagination, imagine robbing a bank or building society dressed as the ‘Halo’ star. The CCTV footage would make news reports across the world. You’d be called the ‘Master Thief’ and would inspire fan fiction, adoration and copycat crimes…

How to dress like Microsoft's Bill Gates for Halloween

Yesterday’s Steve Jobs costume didn’t float your boat? How about dressing up as his biggest rival, Bill Gates? You’d have women dry-humping your leg all night long if you did, promise. Ok, maybe just me in that case, but I’m sure there are others out there who can’t resist a good Gates lookalike. Right?

Essentially you want to aim on dressing like your Dad at the office, so raid his wardrobe if you can, otherwise get yourself down…