Superb Master Chief Halloween/bank robbery/geeky sex costume


master-chief-costume-eva-suit.jpgImagine turning up to your flat mate’s Halloween party dressed like Master Chief. The ladies would be ALL OVER you and your huge plastic muscles and massive plastic battle scars!

Or, if you have a slightly finer and more powerful imagination, imagine robbing a bank or building society dressed as the ‘Halo’ star. The CCTV footage would make news reports across the world. You’d be called the ‘Master Thief’ and would inspire fan fiction, adoration and copycat crimes.

It’d just be a shame you could never admit to being the man in the costume, though. Perhaps you could own up to the crime in a letter, placed with your solicitor, only to be opened after your death?

But that’s enough imagining. If you want to do some actual HAVING and some proper pretending to BE Master Chief out of Halo, this Master Chief Collector’s Costume can be yours for real in exchange for 629 dollars. Sounds a bit much, but remember one important fact – Halo fans are INSANE.

(Via Xboxer)

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