Yamaha's teaching trumpet can banish brash brass players to near silence

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Yamaha has launched its EZ-TP electronic teaching trumpet, allowing any would-be Wynton Marsalis to practice more quietly without driving other members of the household (and neighbours) potty.

As is the way with most synthetic versions of acoustic instruments, Yamaha has “enhanced” this electronic trumpet with 22 different sounds. It’s also MIDI-enabled, so you could hook it up to a PC or keyboard for even more weird and wonderful effects. More usefully, it can teach students how to play the trumpet by lighting up the required valves to press to obtain certain notes. It won’t teach you the correct way to blow into a real trumpet, though, as you just have to hum into it.

Currently only available in Japan, it’s one of those instruments that will horrify purists, but is a fair bit of fun for everyone else.

Japan Trend Shop (via Oh Gizmo!)

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Andy Merrett
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