Yamaha intros four mini audio systems, all with iPod docks


While we try to limit the number of iPod-friendly audio equipment featured on Tech Digest these days, when something comes along from Yamaha it’s usually worth paying attention to, even if it does have a big slot in the top for Apple’s music player.

The latest mini systems from Yamaha aren’t necessarily the most attractive (they look a little bit “squished” for my liking) but they pack a fair punch specs wise…

Yamaha announces the YSP600 surround sound bar


In terms of speakers, this £499 job from Yamaha will be suffice for the average person who owns a telly and a CD player, enthusiasts should probably look here, here and here instead.

Still, the YSP600 has a tidy amount of features, and can be hidden away under your TV, due to its small stature. With 1080p support and two HDMI-in sockets, your Blu-ray or HD-DVD player will love you. The integrated amplifier is pumping…

Yamaha's Tenori-On musical sequencer, as used by Kraftwerk and Mouse on Mars

Bless Yamaha, they’re really thinking outside the box these days, in between designing glow in the dark iPod-docking electrical motorbikes and now the Tenori-On, a musical sequencer.

From what I can gather, the general gist of the Tenori-On is that it’s fairly similar to that reacTable instrument we wrote about recently which Bjork has been using, in that it allows you to create musical loops and melodies….