INTERVIEW: Electro legend Jean-Michel Jarre on his 11ft AeroDream iPad dock

Tech Digest got a little starstruck at this year's IFA 2011 conference, as we got to meet electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre. The electro star's presence caused quite a stir at the show, not least of all thanks to…

UK government not making democracy easy or fun – no "e-voting" for the UK


If you want to exercise your demographic right to say you’d rather have a blue politician representing you than a red one, you’re going to have to carry on with the tiresome old ‘ticking boxes with a pen’ system – there will be no “e-voting” for the likes of us any time soon.

Michael Wills, the minister for justice, told parliament that “The Government does not plan to introduce e-voting for the 2009 European or local elections,” meaning it’s off to the local primary school with your little postcard of power…

Tech Trumpet: Mad Skype Mix


Welcome to a new weekly feature: Tech Trumpet. Each week, I’ll be attempting to create something vaguely resembling “music” using various gadgets and computers.

This week, to ease things in gently, here’s a track made up entirely of sounds from my favourite piece of communications software, Skype. I’ll leave you to judge whether it’s electronica, synth, ambient, all or none of the above.

Hit the jump to play the music and find out what’s coming next week…

Leading Expert: Shimano Di2 electronic gears are "super nice"


One sure-fire way to come up with a new idea for an invention is to simply add “electric” to the name of a product that already exists as after all, if something is electronic it is automatically better than its predecessor. Take the electric toothbrush, for example, or even the electric chair – chairs couldn’t kill anyone until someone had the bright idea of putting electricity inside them.

It’s with this mantra that Shimano have improved upon the humble bicycle, by coming with with an electronic gears system that they reckon will “improve performance” and “reduce maintenance”…

Measuring 13.4", would YOU carry this Epson electronic newspaper with you?


Epson doesn’t just make printers, you know. They just showed off this 13.4″ electronic paper, which as you can see is designed to replace print newspapers. You can hear e-book reader manufacturers sniggering into their small newspaper-replacements, can’t you?

With a pixel count of 3104 x 4128, and 385ppi definition, it was created using electrophoretic electronic ink and polycrystal Si-TFT, if those words mean anything to you. Does lugging one of these…

OCD sufferers, rejoice: ThinkGeek now stocking the electronic bubble wrap popping keychain!

electronic-key-chain.jpgRemember that awesome electronic bubble-wrap popper game from Bandai, the Mugen Puchi Puchi, which up until now was only available in Japan? Time to head on over to ThinkGeek, and purchase one, as the US purveyors of electronic and geek tat have come to the rescue yet again.

In case you need a reminder, the keychain device contains eight rubbery buttons in the shape of bubble-wrap bubbles. When…