The Harpejji: Piano meets guitar meets hefty price tag


As a keyboard player who’d love to also be able to play the guitar, but can’t, this new instrument appeals to me.

The Harpejji takes the best characteristics of a guitar, and the same of a keyboard instrument, and combines them. This 24 string instrument features a visual matrix representing all the keys on a piano, and each string has a small piezo pickup embedded in its saddle, creating a clear representation of the natural string harmonics…

Do a Jean Michel Jarre with your very own Laser Harp

Anyone remember Jean Michel Jarre’s laser performances, where he supposedly played synth leads by breaking laser beams? Some said it was fake, but nonetheless it is possible, as Stephen Hobley has proved with his Laser Harp.

To say it’s a custom build is an understatement. There are plenty of technical details on his web page, but if you just want to see it in action, take a look at the video below: