The Harpejji: Piano meets guitar meets hefty price tag

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As a keyboard player who’d love to also be able to play the guitar, but can’t, this new instrument appeals to me.

The Harpejji takes the best characteristics of a guitar, and the same of a keyboard instrument, and combines them. This 24 string instrument features a visual matrix representing all the keys on a piano, and each string has a small piezo pickup embedded in its saddle, creating a clear representation of the natural string harmonics.


Each instrument is strung with Ernie Ball electric guitar and bass strings. The first nine bass strings are flatwound strings that deliver a warmer sound, a softer attack and easier sliding. All 24 strings are strung through the body for maximum sustain and a cleaner appearance.

the Harpejji features two separate preamps, one for the bass section and one for the melody section.

It’s available in natural and piano black, traditional sunburst, or custom finishes, and comes with a hard case, instrument cable, and a DC power adapter. It has a suggested price of $6,000. Plus shipping, if you want to transport one of them over to the UK.

Marcodi (via Music Thing)

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