Tech Trumpet: iPhone Bloom


It’s time for another edition of Tech Trumpet.

This week, I have been mostly playing with “Bloom” for the iPhone. Developed by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers, the application offers an audio-visual experience simply by touching the screen or letting the instrument play itself.

“Bloom is an endless music machine, a music box for the 21st century. You can play it , and you can watch it play itself,” says Eno…

The Harpejji: Piano meets guitar meets hefty price tag


As a keyboard player who’d love to also be able to play the guitar, but can’t, this new instrument appeals to me.

The Harpejji takes the best characteristics of a guitar, and the same of a keyboard instrument, and combines them. This 24 string instrument features a visual matrix representing all the keys on a piano, and each string has a small piezo pickup embedded in its saddle, creating a clear representation of the natural string harmonics…

Top 5 Gadget Sparklers for Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of the November – that's how the saying goes. Now Guy Fawkes, there was a man who knew a thing or too about making a statement. If only he'd have done it with his gadgets though and shown off his status with some bling, rather than trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

So, as it's Firework Night today, what better way to mark it than with five top sparklers from the techno-world. Unfortunately, not all of them can be waved around in the air and they don't make pretty colours in the smoke, but with gold and crystals on them, each one definitely costs more than a penny for the guy…