3D Rubik's Cube for the iPhone – tear your hair out all over again

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rubiks 250 pix.jpg Whilst other sites may be going crazy over crummy Rubik’s Cube alarm clocks, we’ve found an even better, and geekier version of the ’70s game.

If you see a person stand up on the train and start smashing their iPhone up against the carriage wall, I’ll bet you a fiver it’s because they’re playing the latest Rubik’s Cube game designed specially for Apple’s newest handheld device.

It’s not an official iPhone game – we won’t be getting those till June we’re led to believe – but it’s been developed by Balazs Peter Vagvolgyi of Baltimore, MA – a prize for anyone who can pronounce his name correctly – and is designed to be played on the handset’s Safari browser.

Of course you can have a go at the 3D game in all of its Javascript/HTML glory on any old computer but don’t blame me if you end up trashing something really expensive.

Mr Vagolgyi seems to have got it pretty much perfect but has missed out the crucial option from the original where you can peel off the stickers and put them back in the right order.

(via Pocket Gamer)

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