Misa Digital Guitar: rocking the stadiums of the future (video)

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As a fervent disciple at the altar of Rock, I tend to treat any digital modification of the hallowed axe as a sacrilegious act. The immortal words of wisdom, “if it aint’ broke, don’t fix it” usually come to mind. However this guitar/touchscreen mash-up from Misa has me eating my own self-penned doctrine.

It’s essentially a MIDI controller, hooking up to your PC music software to access your own customisable sounds. While the 24 frets at first seem pretty familiar, the Misa Digital Guitar is stringless, instead generating sound by tapping and sweeping across a sizeable touchscreen.

It seems quite a lot like a tuned-up chaos pad, and similar to Matt Bellamy of Muse’s custom-built guitars. Quite frighteningly, it even looks as though it could have a legitimate musical use.

For more info, click here. The website seems to suggest that you can buy one of these things, but there is no price listed, which probably means you cant afford it.

Gerald Lynch
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