Analyst predicts Nintendo DS2 just 15 months away

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No.14 Nintendo DS Lite.jpgNintendo have totally cleaned up with the DS. Over 10 million Brits now own one; that means one sixth of the UK population are tapping away at their touchscreens. While there may still be a fair bit of life in the old dog yet, the team at Eedar research believes it can see the DS’s successor just coming over the horizon.

“We believe that due to the aging technology, the possibility of new competitors in 2011, a decline in publisher support and piracy, Nintendo will launch a successor to the DS within the next 15 months, and likely announce such in the next eight months,” said analyst Jesse Divnich in a research note.

The news comes hot on the heels of the since-downplayed comments by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata on the DS successor. He reportedly said that it will have “highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.”

What would you like to see feature in the new DS? Are you all for the rumoured motion controls, or are you looking for a return to the classic days of the Game Boy? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter.

Via: Edge

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