MySpace recruits 10 users to star in 'Faintheart' film with Tim Healy

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myspace-hollywood-star.jpgMany people use social-networking sites such as MySpace or YouTube in the hopes they’ll launch their porn acting careers, but as you know, most fail (thank goodness).

However, ten lucky internet users still stuck in 2004 who persist at using MySpace are rubbing their hands together in glee right now, as they’ve just won roles in a romantic comedy film, Faintheart, through being friends with good ol’ friends-trollop Tom.

The director was chosen through the site after half a million MySpace users voted for him online after viewing a video he uploaded, along with close to ten actors. Thankfully some proper thespians will be included in the line-up to give the film credibility, Paul Nicholls (whoever he is) and Tim Healy, from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

(via BBC)

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