Lego playset showing Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak from Apple, on sale today!


woznjobs.jpg It’s fairly safe to say that tech geeks and Lego go hand in hand, as comfortable with one another as Trekkies and their massive dress-up boxes.

Tomi have struck gold with the ultimate in geek toys, a Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak playset. Set in the early days of 1972, the playset features two little Steve characters with a custom-made computer (Apple, naturally), a circuit board-based project and a calendar with a particular date circled. Considering it’s a limited edition run of 300, and aimed at an obsessive fanbase renowned for flashing the cash, the $39.99 price-tag isn’t too shabby at all. It’ll become available today at 9am EST on the PodBrix site, so get your skates on for this lustworthy piece of desk-candy.

PodBrix (via Shiny Shiny)

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