Time Magazine names the iPhone as Invention Of The Year, as it's 'pretty'


apple-iphone-greatest-invention.jpgTime Magazine has caved in to shareholder’s demands to feature more buzz words, like ‘iPhone’ and ‘…of the year’, and pronounced Jobs’s little bar of happiness the Invention Of The Year. Yes, it’s official – Time has gone mad.

Like we needed more proof though, after last year’s Person Of The Year being awarded to ‘you’ – the web 2.0 you. Just what are they basing that rather grand, sweeping award on? Err, apparently the iPhone is the Invention Of The Year due to its prettiness, touch interface, the fact that it’s a platform, will make other phones better, and finally, that it will ensure other, better iPhones are made in the future.

Time, you lost your credibility at ‘it’s pretty’. Really.

Time Magazine’s Invention Of The Year

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Katherine Hannaford
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