Mahalo's Daily with Veronica Belmont launches and promptly parodies internet video memes


Veronica Belmont, the lovely lady formerly of the Buzz Out Loud videos at CNet, has just made her muchly-hyped video debut at Mahalo, Jason Calacanis’s search engine we wrote about several months back.

You may recognise her from her videos with CNet, or for being Engadget’s Ryan Block’s girlfriend, but I think these soon-to-be-daily videos with Mahalo are bound to be the largest, brightest feather in her cap, judging by the teaser they’ve just published. In the video above, she takes direction from Mahalo’s colourful CEO Jason, and parodies many well-known video memes, such as Chocolate Rain, Rocketboom, Ze Frank and Diggnation. The Diggnation skit alone makes the video worth watching, just to see her ‘pass out’ from drinking too many beers. A definite RSS subscriber if ever I saw one.

Mahalo’s Daily With Veronica Belmont

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