Volkswagen Viseo concept car, featuring external OLED screen for displaying info


Phwroar, would you take a look at that Volkswagen! It’s certainly a far cry from the Beetle and Golf models, eh? Still, Germans have always been known for their forward-thinking design aesthetics, and this concept car doesn’t disappoint.

Electric cars are all the rage, as we’ve seen in countless other offerings in the shape of the Tesla Roadster, Suzuki PIXY, and three-wheeled Aptera.

Created by Marc Kirsch, with Volkswagen’s support, the three-seater car not only has an aerodynamic bod, but according to reports, the trunk can be detached, and using the little wheels, act like a suitcase! Oh, and that clear plastic you see, covering the body? It’s an OLED screen, able to display important data to those inside, presumably GPS-system info and weather updates.


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  • Concept cars are the fruits of innovative imaginations. When you let your imaginations run wild, you can come up with outlandish results.
    Its now time to explore wild imaginations and produce at least few concept cars that can be recognized worldwide.

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