JVC launching full HD LCD display aimed at photographers


The catchily-titled LT-42WX70 is a new 42″ display from JVC that’s aimed at imaging professionals and home cinema enthusiasts. It’s full HD and will display a far greater range of colours than most displays.

The screen is particularly adept at displaying high-resolution still photos, which probably makes it the world’s most expensive digital photo frame. It’s also got a full colour management system, though, for accurate reproduction of movies. It’ll display 100% of sRGB, and 96% of Adobe RGB.

There’s no price on this baby yet, but it’ll be available from May, so we should know pretty soon. It’s quite a niche product, so I wouldn’t expect it to come cheap, but if you’re determined to buy the best, then it’s definitely worth considering.


Sony's Ericsson's super-garish S001 8megapixel Cyber-shot mobile – with OLED screen


Black, pink, green, gold, with squared-off silver buttons? It would appear that “bling” culture is alive and well in Japan, where Sony Ericsson has revealed its latest OTT camera-slash-phone-slash-TV-slash-media-player-slash-ladies-fashion-accessory hybrid mobile conversation piece.

Boasting a decent eight megapixel Cyber-shot-branded camera, the S001 slider features a TV tuner because the Japanese are totally into watching TV on their mobiles, Bluetooth, a GPS receiver and the screen is a whopper – a 3″ OLED…

CAREFUL, OLD MAN: Doctors suggest "Wii Knee" will be crippling us all in the new year


You know when you think of a great idea, then realise someone’s already thought of it and done it before? And better? Back in 2006?

That’s what’s happened here. Doctors at the British Society for Surgery of the Hand and Leeds Teaching Hospital have teamed up to say they expect Wii-related injuries to rise, as the UK continues to go Nintendo MAD.

Calling the invented symptom “Wii Knee,” the boffins expect to see an increase in patients suffering from joint problems in the new year, all caused by enthusiastic Wii Bowling sessions. It’s almost as if Nintendo’s Wii is the first invention to have ever required a man to stand up and move about…

Medion GoPal P5430 – feature-packed sat nav with a 5" screen


I love Medion. They always manage to put out technology with really good specs that doesn’t cost the earth. This Sat Nav is rather pricy compared to its competitors. It’s got some nifty features, though, and a whopping 5″ screen, to compensate.

Let’s start with the price. £175. That’s more than double the price of some of the other sat navs on the market, according to a quick Amazon search. So what are you getting for your cash?

The Mintpass Mintpad internet, notepad, writing, watching, digital camera, media THING


The global gadget development arms race to see who can fit the most stuff into the smallest, whitest box has taken a dramatic turn today, thanks to this clever little everything-in-one miniature… digital… wi-fi… thing.

You can write on it, browse the internet on it, listen to music on it, take photos on it, watch films on it and, most importantly of all, get it out of your very smallest pocket and impress people with it by showing them all of the above. It all happens on a fairly minuscule 2.86″ touch screen, mind…

MSI has the same idea as Asus, a little bit after Asus – reveals its Neton "all-in-one" Intel Atom desktop

MSI’s been doing a bit of tech blog espionage again, launching three “all in one” PCs with touch screen powers that appear extremely similar to the ones Asus showed off recently.

Three alternate MSI Neton models have been revealed – the M16, M19 and M22. I’ll now give you a bit more information about all three, as you can’t work much out about them from those boring model names.

All three run XP Home and have touch screens so you can get fingerprints over the bit you look at all the time. Touch screens on desktops are a terrible idea. The M16 is the smallest model, with its Intel Atom processor stuck into the case of a 15.6″ 1366 x 768 monitor. The M19 features…

Luxury screen cleaning fluid – for the geek who has everything


Just when you think you’ve seen every luxury product, another one comes along. This time we’ve got luxury screen cleaning fluid, and it comes in what looks like perfume bottles.

The manufacturers warn that using alcohol-based cleaning products can cause irreparable harm to LCD screens. They’ve formulated an alcohol-free, water-based cleaner that won’t cause any damage to your expensive 42″ plasma.

On the left, you’ve got the “Eazy Care”, which comes in black or white, and costs £20. On the right is the “One Care”, which costs £15. Refills are available for either for just £6. If either float your boat, then pick up a bottle at Currys or John Lewis.

AM Denmark Screen Cleaners

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Mimo 7" LCD screens – a little bit of screen, for a little bit of cash


I’m a big fan of multi-monitor setups. Although they look a little ridiculous, they really do enhance your productivity no end. At the moment, though, adding another monitor can be tough. Unless you’ve got a bad-ass graphics card, it usually requires the installation of a new one, then you’ve got to mess about with drivers, and OH it’s all so complicated…

Sony working on "Annihilation Assisted Upconversion" – bendable OLED screens


OLED development race winner Sony has announced its plans to start making OLEDs less than 1mm thick – that are flexible enough to be bent and wrapped around angles.

This’ll come in handy for when you need to… bend a screen. Or, these thin, semi-transparent OLEDs could be piled on top of each other to make 3D displays, used as HUDs in the windscreens of expensive cars, or even used as a way for Sony to carry on charging us lots of money for new TVs that aren’t particularly different from our existing TVs…