Mimo 7" LCD screens – a little bit of screen, for a little bit of cash

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I’m a big fan of multi-monitor setups. Although they look a little ridiculous, they really do enhance your productivity no end. At the moment, though, adding another monitor can be tough. Unless you’ve got a bad-ass graphics card, it usually requires the installation of a new one, then you’ve got to mess about with drivers, and OH it’s all so complicated.

That’s why MIMO’s tiny little 7″ monitors could be so handy. It’s just about enough room to be useful, while not taking up a tonne of desk real-estate. They connect via USB, too, meaning that there’s no horrible hardware fiddling. Great idea, and cheap at just £43, but at the moment, only available in Korea. Damn. If I see anything like this available to the UK market at a similar price, I’ll be right on it.

Funshop Korea (via Technabob)

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Duncan Geere
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