Brookstone's voice-activated Handsfree Universal Remote Control

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Handsfree-Remote-Control-Voice-Activated.jpgContinuing today’s impromptu theme of dull things made sexy, we bring you this – a remote control. Made sexy.

The pyramid-shaped remote control has been designed to stand on its end. This ruins the fun game that is trying to stand a remote control on its end on the carpet, but maker Brookstone has additional fun-streams lined up for you – this remote is voice-activated.

So, instead of pressing a button to change channel, you can experience the fun of saying “Channel up” in numerous different accents until you give up and walk over and press Channel Up. Brookstone reckons its Universal Remote “responds to virtually any language or accent,” but we’d like to take it around a Glasgow housing estate and and film the results.

Actually, we wouldn’t. We’d like to sit here in the warm and make wild, sweeping generalisations instead.

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