Manfrotto intros professional grade tripods and remote control units for serious videographers


manfrotto_521EX.jpgHere’s some gear that’s definitely targeted at serious videographers and photographers, given the price tag and niche status of the products.

First up at £19.95 (not too bad, you might think) is the Manfrotto 585 LNC Modosteady remote control. Thing is, it’s designed to be mounted on top of a Manfrotto Modosteady, a beast of a contraption that’s designed to steady attached video cameras the “hardware way” (forget those namby-pamby internal image stabilisers).

Should you be itching to get hold of such a device for your Sony or Canon camcorder, you’ll be pleased to know it’ll be available next month.

manfrotto_055CXPRO4.jpgOnto a definite niche product, the Manfrotto 521EX remote control unit (top picture) is designed purely with one camcorder in mind: the professional Sony PMW EX1. If you’ve already got one of these advanced camcorders (and shelled out around £3,600 for the privilege) then you won’t mind spending another £179.95 on this unit that offers remote control of zoom and zoom reverse with speed control. Also coming next month.

Finally, three Carbon Tripods — the 055CX3, 055CXPRO3, and 055CXPRO4 — offer serious stability for your camera or camcorder. With military-sounding features such as rigidity, payload, set-up speed, and carbon fibre structure for lightness, these are no pushovers (aha).

Available from £249.95 to £299.95.


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