Samsung's VM-MX25E – YouTube ready compact camcorder


Samsung has announced a YouTube-friendly compact camcorder for sale shortly over in the US. The Samsung VM-MX25E uses the H.264 format so you can compress your videos for Google’s video dump with pretty good quality even at low bit rates.

No internal memory to speak of but Samsung claims you can squeeze up to eight hours of DVD quality footage onto a single 16GB SD card. 640 x 480 may not be your dream resolution but it’s certainly enough for YouTube and at $340 it’s really a rather good looking and well designed piece of kit.


It’ll be available in black or red, as demonstrated by the nice lady, and with new 3D noise reduction technology for low light situations, you have to say that Samsung has really done its market homework on this one – enough good features to make it very effective at what it’s designed for but not so many as to make it too bulky or too expensive. Not bad, not bad at all.

Samsung (via Akihabara News)

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