AMEX Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive – the sexiest external burner on the block

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Well Jobsy may have decided that Blu-ray isn’t welcome on his new MacBooks but that hasn’t stopped everyone else wanting it or AMEX from making a rather delicious looking external drive to fill that very Apple accessory void.

Meet the slot-loading AMEX Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive. That’s quite some name. No room for “Hyper” in there?

Frankly, I don’t care what it’s called. It’s thin, it’s black, it’s sleek, it’s shiny and I want one. I don’t even have a MacBook. I don’t really want one either but there’s something about this drive that just oozes gadget porn.

It supports Quiet Drive Technology which reduces noise on your audio and video playback at the same time as adding fidelity to your burning operations. You can write single and dual layer discs and, with a sentence straight out of Geordie La Forge’s mouth, it features a “Liquid Crystal Tilt/Blur compensator that plays and records to discs more reliably – the ad Research technology that compensates for warped discs.

It’ll burn Blu-ray’s at double speed, DVD’s (both R and RW) at 8x and CDs at 24x, and all at just 340g with 140mm x 143mm x 16 mm dimensions. It comes in white as well as the black pictured for all those Apple-ites but there’s no need for the rest of us to feel left out, the AMEX Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Hyper Mega Drive will work with XP and Vista too.

The only trouble is that this USB peripheral is only available in the States and it’ll cost you $289 even before you work out how to get it over here. Ah well.

(via Akihabara News)

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  • wow that is a very stylish looking player. I am glad style is playing a more and more important role.

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