Audio-Technica launches triple-driver ATH-CK100 and entry-level ATH-CKM30 earphones

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Audio-Technica’s new earbuds, the ATH-CK100s, feature a slightly-ridiculous triple-driver system. Why would anyone need three speakers in an earbud, especially when even the best sound-isolating earbuds don’t block out enough noise to hear sophisticated sound improvements on the bus?

Ah well, “because they can” is probably the answer – these are the smallest three-driver earbuds on the market, come in a titanium housing and provide a frequency response of 20Hz-18kHz, with an impedance of 23Ω. That’s good, in case you aren’t too familiar with impedances. They’ll cost you ¥56,700 (£323) or so.

Also released are the more entry-level ATH-CKM30s. These colourful chaps are pictured above, and come in black, brown, orange, purple, red, and white. They’ve got 10.7mm driver units, a frequency response of 14Hz-24, and an impedance of 16Ω. They’ll be a fair bit cheaper at ¥3,675 (about £21, but probably more, once imported).


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