Zavvi lives on, online


Zavvi – the remains of the Virgin Megastore brand – eventually closed a few weeks back, selling the majority of its remaining bricks-and-mortar stores to HMV and Head Group.

The name, however, has been bought by the Hut Group, which sees them taking ownership of domain. That domain has re-launched today, offering a much broader range of products.

Although the original site concentrated mainly on music, games and DVDs, the new version will be more like Amazon – selling electrical and computing goods, books, sports and leisure stuff, perfumes and lingerie as well as aforementioned music/games/DVDs trio.

The site is live right now, and have very similar prices to the old site – i.e. slightly higher than competitors Amazon and Still, it’s worth a look. Especially if you’re into buying lingerie online.

CES 2009: Arcam shows off the FMJ T32 Hi-Fi DAB tuner


This is the very pretty, but very expensive Arcam T32 Hi-Fi DAB tuner. As you’d expect from Arcam, it’s a top-end bit of kit, with a top-end price tag to match. Although it’s essentially just a radio, it also comes with a high-end iPod interface.

It’s got a DAB tuner, with band III and L-band reception, it’s DAB+ compatible, and there’s also an AM/FM tuner onboard, too, if for some reason you decide that DAB is too nice-sounding. Lastly, the iPod interface is viewable from the front of the display, so you can scroll through artists and tracks on the LCD screen of the device.

It’s yours for £500. That’s not cheap, but this isn’t a cheapy-made bit of kid. Full details are on the Arcam site.

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Onkyo announces PR-SC886 home cinema amplifier


This is the PR-SC886, Onkyo’s new 7.1 surround home cinema pre-amp. It’s got balanced audio-out, onboard decoding of every HD audio format, and something called ISF Video Calibration, which will bump up your picture quality by doing all the image calibration within the amp, rather than in your telly. No more changing aspect ratios through horrible menus whenever you change sources.

It’ll also upscale anything you throw at it to 1080p, and gives you every input and output you could ever wish for. The best bit of the press release is this, though: “Onkyo strongly recommends that an ISF-certified calibration technician be employed to achieve optimal image quality for each of the video inputs”. In other words – “this AV amp is better than you”.

It’s yours for £1500, in black or silver. Don’t forget to add the price of that technician onto the cost. You don’t want substandard image quality with you doing it yourself, do you?


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