Possible price hike for Blu-ray discs as production costs increase

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blu ray wierd.jpgJust as it seemed that the Blu-ray format had finally turned the corner onto Mainstream St., the high-def format has been dealt another blow. It looks like Blu-ray disc prices are about to rise as the cost of polycarbonate is set to increase.

Polycarbonate is a major material in the production of not only Blu-ray discs, but everything from water bottles to CDs too. Any price increase would certainly have an adverse affect on Blu-ray disc prices, just as they were seemingly becoming more affordable.

Measures are in place to address the balance here however. Taiwanese manufacturers have begun stockpiling discs in an attempt to bolster resources before what seems to be an imminent rise. If all goes well, consumers may not have to face the extra costs for a little while yet.

Via: DigiTimes

Gerald Lynch
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