UK broadband prices at all-time low, levelling off

broadbandmodem.jpgAccording to the latest survey by price comparison website has found that average broadband prices have dropped by over one-third in four years. However, that’s your lot, apparently.

The bods at uSwitch reckon that no-one should now be paying more than £20 per month for standalone broadband. However, it can still be quite confusing to work out exactly what you’re getting when signing up for a service, particularly as some require a BT line, some come with other bundled services, others give you money off if you subscribe to other services, and they all seem to claim different “top speeds” and “fair usage” policies.

OPINION: One MacBook Air or SIX Asus Eee PCs?

gary%20and%20sonic%20200.JPGGary Cutlack writes…

You could have one MacBook Air – UK price around £1200 – or you could get SIX Asus Eee PCs and leave them dotted about the house for the ultimate in connected futuristic living spaces.

Or you could just get one Asus Eee PC and have a grand left over to spend on doing up the house or buying a new TV. Or two new TVs. A 40″ for the lounge, a 32″ for the bedroom and an Eee PC. Or perhaps a different combination? Maybe you’d prefer two super-powerful Dell XPS laptops for the price of one MacBook Air? Or four decent Toshibas with the same spec only in slightly fatter cases?

Nintendo to pull Wii ads after stock shortages?

wii-shortages-uk-ebay.jpgChristmas is in CRISIS! Nintendo’s Wii console is already sold out across the land, with desperate mums forced into prostitution (unconfirmed, but likely) in order to fund the excessive prices being charged by online shops for the few Wiis still available.

And just one look at the mass eBay shame out there will show you how bad it’s getting. Chancers are trying to shift used…