Google in new shopping search results partnership with Amazon

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google.pngIn a move that’s surely set to aid Amazon’s revenue gathered from those browsing the Google search engine for low product prices, it appears that the two web giants have teamed up to give Amazon product pages more prominence in the Google search engines results.

Rather than standard Amazon affiliate links, some new form of Amazon partner llinks ar enow appearing in Google searches.

The screenshot below, posted at Blogstorm, shows the new look-links:
Pricing info and product listings can be accessed straight from Google, alongside star ratings, it now seems.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out for other online e-tailers. Google is (or should that be was?) a great way of quickly browsing multiple product prices at once. If Amazon are now the leading retailer in Google’s results it may become a little tougher to hunt out a bargain. Unless Amazon are the cheapest sellers of literally everything online.

Via: BlogStorm

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