Did Apple fake evidence in the iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 case?

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apple-ipad-tab-top.pngThe ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung, which has seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned from sale anywhere within the European Union has taken another unexpected turn today. It now appears that Apple may have doctored evidence so as to make the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 look as though it impinges upon the iPad design more than it actually does.

The main point of Apple’s claims against Samsung is that 80% of users surveyed cannot tell the difference between both brand’s tablets.

The above image was submitted alongside the case to illustrate Apple’s point, but a little detective work from Dutch site Webwereld.nl suggests a little Photoshop trickery has been used by Apple.

Take a look at the image below which highlight’s the Dutch team’s findings:


According to Webwereld, it seems as though Apple has cropped and distorted the image of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to make it look closer to the iPad 2. Whereas a genuine Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has an aspect ratio of 1.46, the one in Apple’s evidence looks to have a ratio of 1.36, much closer to the iPad 2’s own 1.30 ratio. An after effect of poor contrast settings or otherwise, the Samsung logo has also been removed.

Though it may be a simple mistake, it could undermine Apple’s entire case, particularly if the courts sniff out foul play.

Gerald Lynch
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  • I would agree with Apple–if you show that image, I wouldn’t be surprised if 80% of the people were confused. But show them the devices themselves and I doubt anyone will be confused.

    Nice try Apple. Better get out you wallet…

  • One would expect the judge to see the ACTUAL product side-by-side in the raw rather than looking at a photograph!. What kind of judge is it ?. I think you know.

  • Actually that picture isn’t the only thing wrong. The angles of the pictures from the ipad and galaxy tab have been purposefully tailored to make each look similar. The ipad has been made to look longer while the galaxy tab has been made to look fatter. Also, the sketches of the galaxy tab do not reflect the actual product. In fact, the sketches are more squarer than the actual product.

    I smell foul play in part of apple in trying to make the galaxy tab look as much as possible like the ipad without actually tampering with evidence.

    But the pictures showing front images of both devices was a blunder that will cost apple dearly.

    Now, Samsung will receive the benefit of the doubt and Apple will be seen to have purposefully presented angled shots of each product to make them look similar.

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