iPad 3 held back due to retina delay shortages?

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iPad2-official-5.jpegHolding out for an iPad 3? Don’t keep holding your breath then; it seems that the relesae of the third gen tablet will inevitably be delayed, despite no official confirmation that the device even exists yet.

According to tech supply trackers DigiTimes, a shortage of Retina Displays (as seen in the iPhone 4 and expected to appear in the iPad 3) from suppliers LG and Samsung mean that the iPad 3 will now definitely appear no earlier than Spring of 2012.

Screen shortages aren’t Apple’s only problem – work on the new A6 chip is proceeding more slowly than expected too. Though a demo model has been produced by TSMC, it too will not be ready until 2012.

Apple were rumoured to be producing some 6 million iPad 3 tablets before the end of 2011, which to be honest sounded like pie-in-the-sky estimates. Rather than break the yearly release cycle for their tablet schedule, it seems that a Spring iPad 3 launch remains the most likely date.

Via: DigiTimes

Gerald Lynch
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