UK broadband prices at all-time low, levelling off


broadbandmodem.jpgAccording to the latest survey by price comparison website has found that average broadband prices have dropped by over one-third in four years. However, that’s your lot, apparently.

The bods at uSwitch reckon that no-one should now be paying more than £20 per month for standalone broadband. However, it can still be quite confusing to work out exactly what you’re getting when signing up for a service, particularly as some require a BT line, some come with other bundled services, others give you money off if you subscribe to other services, and they all seem to claim different “top speeds” and “fair usage” policies.

In any case, Steve Weller, head of communications services at uSwitch, believes that prices aren’t likely to fall any further now.

“We predict hat prices will stabilise, but customers will be offered more for their money, with companies continuing to increase speeds,” he said. “Be offers broadband packages with speeds up to 24Mb/sec for a monthly cost of £18, only 81p more expensive than the average price of 8Mb broadband. We advise the three million customers currently not in a contract to kick start 2008 by snapping up a new broadband deal.”

As usual, shop around, but be prepared for a fantastic deal to come along just after you’ve signed up for a year’s contract with someone else.

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