Broadband pipes may hold back Kangaroo TV platform, says analyst

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kangaroo-bbc.jpgWe wrote yesterday about the announcement that UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are setting up a joint on-demand video service codenamed ‘Kangaroo’. It’ll offer over 10,000 hours of new and archive shows, for streaming, renting or downloading.

Now analysts are getting their teeth into the news, with StrategyEye Digital Media’s Aleksandra Bosnjak claiming that the venture could be held up by ISPs. “UK ISPs will continue to cap download speeds at peak times when consumers can actually sit down and watch or download on-demand TV programming,” she says.

“With so many pressures on the UK internet pipes, there is a natural limit as to how effective broadcasters’ VoD offers can be. And that is before other broadband content services are taken into account such as games, music, personal content uploading, for example. As a partnership move, this is a good move, but it would be interesting to see more details on ISPs’ reactions and revenue-sharing structures between all parties involved.”

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