KEF launches Instant Theatre series with seven new high-end systems

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kef-520-silver.jpgThe audio maestros over at KEF have been busy little workers by the looks of things, with today’s news that their new Instant Theatre series is comprised of seven new home systems.

The KEF Instant Theatre series (KIT) set-ups each come with either two or five main loudspeakers, a subwoofer (with integrated power amplifier) and compact DVD/CD player, with that crazy little thing called love HDMI technology inside.

Each system is available in glossy black or matt silver, and features just a single cable between components, so won’t be spoiling your minimalist living room aesthetics anytime soon.

kit120.jpgThe basic system in the new series is the KIT120, which offers full surround sound with the two speakers, and retails for £1,199.99.

Next up the ladder is the KIT140, whose speakers contain seven drivers each, for a few hundred more at £1,499.99.

Expanding on the KIT140’s seven drivers, the KIT160 has eleven drivers in each column speaker, along with frontal Uni-Q arrays and lateral radiators. Bit more pricey, as you’d expect, at £1,999.99.

Getting on to the 5.1 systems now, the KIT510 is the more affordable in the range at £1,299.99. For your dosh you can expect superb quality from the egg speakers, and the 7.5cm Uni-Q drivers.

Next up is, as history dictates, the KIT520, whose five egg speakers are just a bit larger, with 10cm Uni-Q arrays, for £1,499.99.

Just a couple more, with the KIT540 system throwing you five speakers for £1,999.99, as well as each Uni-Q array having 7.5cm long-throw bass drivers.

The last system in the Instant Theatre range is breaking from tradition in the naming-process, with the KIT550. This set-up’s speakers contain four midrange and bass drivers each, along with the Acoustic Compliance Enhancement feature which KEF made famous. Be prepared to remortgage your house though, with the £2,499.99 price-tag being beyond most of our budgets.

All those systems are available now, with two more swinging our way shortly, to finish the range off with nine set-ups in total. The KIT570w is similar to the KIT530, but the rear speakers and CD player are completely wireless. The other wireless system that’s not yet released is the KIT580w, exactly the same as the KIT540 but as you’d expect, with wireless transmission. No pricing available on these two systems unfortunately.


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