Microsoft, Nintendo, Sharp and Philips added to Greenpeace's list of SHAME


greenpeace-environment-scores.jpgPoor old Nintendo got slated by Greenpeace yesterday, with the console maker picking up a thoroughly shameful 0/10 for its environmental considerations.

Nintendo did so poorly because the world-beating toy maker doesn’t give its consumers any advice whatsoever about the levels of toxic chemicals in its gadgets, or how to recycle them when the novelty of Wii Tennis has worn off.

Rival game maker Microsoft did nearly as bad, getting dumped alongside Nintendo at the bottom of the list thanks to the way it’s refusing to remove poisonous chemicals from its manufacturing processes until 2011.

Elsewhere, Apple moved up a bit, Sharp and Philips got moaned at for not recycling old TVs enough, with Sony Ericsson crowned the darling of Greenpeace thanks to an improved recycling scheme and a lower use of PVC in the manufacturing process.

(via Greenpeace)

For more news about dolphins and how the world’s going to end in 2014 if you don’t turn your telly off at the plug before you go to bed, check out Shiny Media’s enviro-blog Hippyshopper.

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