No Visible Panty Lines 'round here, just Sony's VPL-FW300L and VPL-FH300L projectors

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sony-projector-lamp.jpgA couple of new projectors from Sony today, and my, if that one pictured doesn’t look like a light-fixture-cum-CCTV, I’ll eat my non-existant hat.

With 7,000 lumens, the VPL-FW300L is the lower-end of the two, cranking out 1366 x 800 in terms of resolution along with dual 275w lamps. Both being intended for use in large venues, such as classrooms, pubs, or even that backyard cinema you’ve got in operation, the design of the ceiling-mountable units means there’s heaps of airflow and not much fan noise.

The more expensive of the two LCDs, with 6000 lumens is the VPL-FH300L. Managing full 1080p with a 2048 x 1080 resolution, it too features dual 275w lamps. Be prepared to cough up for the privilege of having cinema-suitable picture-showers from January onwards, the VPL-FW300L is $27,000, and the VPL-FH300L ‘just’ $40,000.

Sony VPL projectors (via Engadget)

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