HD DVD bites back with claims of 750,000 players sold

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HD-DVD-Blu-ray.jpgThe HD DVD camp has hit back to today’s reports that the millionth Blu-ray film was sold…by announcing 750,000 HD DVD players have been purchased so far.

The poor underdogs must be getting forgetful in this deadly competition, as they actually announced back in July of this year pretty much the same story, that HD DVD players were outselling Blu-ray players three to one.

Included in the sold units are stand-alone players plus external Xbox 360 HD DVD player add-ons. If you’re wondering about the exact figure of Blu-ray players sold, well, wonder on, as the Blu-ray Disc Association is yet to release those figures.

Sometimes I do wonder whether I’m backing the right side – it’s hard right now, being a HD DVD fan when the BDA flood the tubes with so many attractive looking figures like owning 73% of the HD disc market in Europe.

(via I4U News)

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • I saw on the news that the money they dumped at Shire was fake, to represent the money he had raised. It wasn’t the actual money.

  • Kris,

    The HD DVD camp may have a reason why they do that (though as said above it is not so simple and actually quite disingenuous) but it is sort of ruined when you find out that when they talk about discs bought by HD player-owners, all of a sudden they insist on counting all PS3 owners! How convenient for them!

    I believe it’s called “fixing the data” to suit your position.

    To paraphrase a well-known comedy figure:

    HD DVD camp worried, much? A much too much!

  • =====


    You miss the point. How many people *would* have bought a stand alone Blu-ray player if they didn’t already have a PS3? People like me.

  • Hopefully it’ll be obvious after the Christmas period whether HD DVD is really closing the gap as I suspected they were.

    You gotta say that Sony will have paid a high price should including Blu Ray in the PS3 win them the format war (as currently seems possible). Why? Well, surely it was the Blu Ray diodes delay and extra hardware cost that have resulted in the PS3 languishing so far behind both the Wii and Xbox 360 in the Game Console market.

    Interested in seeing whether the sales surge reported by Sony early this month will see the PS3 match the Xbox 360 or even the Wii for sales in the US this month. Time will tell!

  • The hd dvd group should be able to count add-on drives because they were purchased solely for the purpose of viewing hd dvds, whereas the PS3, although you cant tell at the moment, is primarily a games console, making the widespread use of it as a blu-ray player debateable and inaccurate.

  • The HD-DVD camp includes X360 add-on units when presenting their hardware figures yet excludes the PS3 when commenting on the Blu-ray install base.

    Tells you everything you need to know about them, doesn’t it………

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