European Blu-ray Association claims they've sold one million discs, owns 73% of HD market

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bluraylogo-1.jpgThe Sony PR machine is in overdrive at the moment, with them churning out more facts and figures about Blu-ray sales, than they do playable games on their PS3 console.

The Blu-ray Disc Association in Europe has let information leak about the one million Blu-ray movie discs they’ve sold, which according to them is 73% of all HD films sold. Bad news for HD DVD, if those figures are accurate. Of course, it was only last week we heard from the HD DVD camp that HD DVD player owners purchase 3.8 films each, whereas Blu-ray player owners buy just 0.7 films each on average.

Whilst those reported million discs are just films, if you take into account the Blu-ray games sold (PS3 titles, obviously), you’re looking at a whopping 21 million of those Blu-ray CDs floating around in people’s living rooms, getting scratched when inconsiderate housemates use them as coasters.

If you desperately want to know what titles have proven most popular on the format, it’s 300, Spider Man 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Of course, Casino Royale isn’t included in that list, as Sony is giving that film away for free with every PS3, Blu-ray player, laptop and keyring, so people don’t have to buy it anyway. Just look at eBay – more Casino Royales on there than Jesusified toast, these days.

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