Nintendo reveals Wii and DS million-sellers

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Cor. There’s nothing like some whopping great sales figures to put a smile on the face of a gaming fanboy, so Team Nintendo will be beaming today. Nintendo has just revealed figures for a bunch of Wii and DS games that sold over a million copies.

Wii Sports tops the Wii list with 11.86 million sales (unsurprisingly, since this includes console bundles), followed by Wii Play (6.32 million), Mario Party 8 (2.89 million), Super Paper Mario (1.74 million), Big Brain Academy (1.38 million) and Mario Strikers Charged (1.33 million).

Meanwhile, Nintendogs has shifted a whopping 15.77 million units for DS, followed by Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (12.17 million), New Super Mario Bros (11.15 million), Brain Age (9.66 million), Mario Kart DS (8.53 million), Brain Age 2 (7.53 million), Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (1.35 million), and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (1.29 million).

I’ve improved my brain age by three years just counting all those figures…

(via WiiWii)

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