Wii gets hacked: modchip on the way imminently



I never buy the ‘backups’ excuse for modding your console. It’s about buying 20 pirated games from Dodgy Dave down the local market for £15, surely. Who backs up their games, seriously? Okay, it can be about playing imported games too, which isn’t as morally dubious.

Anyway, there are reports that Nintendo’s Wii has been well and truly hacked, with a modchip coming out imminently called the Wii D2C Modchip Actel. However, it only works with around 80% of region-protected games, and it requires you to do complicated soldering stuff to install.

I wouldn’t touch it with someone else’s bargepole. But then I’ve never been the soldering type.

(via WiiWii)

Stuart Dredge
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  • Ummm…
    The Wii has been “hacked” since before January. Nintendo introduced a new chip set that goes by D2C, all the former chips didn’t work with it, this is just a NEW chip that will work on the wii’s that have the D2C chip set. By the way, the chips already out only have like 4 wires, that you install on MUCH bigger points. I doubt the final commercial chip will have the 30 wires this one has.

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