Tikitag – your very own RFID kit


RFID – or radio frequency identification – is a technology that allows identification and tracking of things. A small tag is placed on an object, and a reader can then recognise that tag as unique. For a while it’s been used by businesses for stock control, or by zoologists to track animals, but now a company called Tikitag is selling an RFID kit that you can use at home.

The Tikitag starter kit contains an RFID reader, which attaches to your PC via USB, and ten sticky tags which you can attach to things. The things, when placed on the reader, can then trigger certain actions on your PC. Examples include opening a specific web page or a software application.

FAKE SCIENCE: Alternate universe-generation kit, yours for $20


We really haven’t been paying enough attention to the part of science that deals with multiple universes.

Because, from next month, you will be able to buy one of these – a make-your-own-universe kit. It’s based around some fancy science that states there’s an infinite number of possible alternate universes, and more are created each time any kind of measurement is taken that defines one particular place. Or something along those lines…

Discover what girls *really* do in bathrooms with the 'under door viewing kit'


I originally asked Gary to write this product up, thinking he’d be able to add a touch of blokeyness to what is essentially a device that can allow you to perve on girls in bathrooms. Sadly, I think he’s worried about his reputation as he refused!

There are a couple of parts involved in the product, with the scope section used to slide under the door, in spaces less than a quarter of an inch which will give you a 55° field of view. The right angle adapter apparently gives you viewing access to the back of the door, just in case there’s a booby trap or something your paranoid mind might be curious about.


Win a Brando USB decoration birthday kit with Tech Digest!

We’re nearing the end of our Brando competitions, with our second-last give-away being…the USB decoration birthday kit!

Containing a string of LED lights, birthday hat and mouse pad, it normally retails for $18 from Brando, but we have one available for a dedicated Tech Digest reader.

You have until 6PM Friday 7th December to enter, so take a look under the jump for how all British residents can win…

KEF launches Instant Theatre series with seven new high-end systems

kef-520-silver.jpgThe audio maestros over at KEF have been busy little workers by the looks of things, with today’s news that their new Instant Theatre series is comprised of seven new home systems.

The KEF Instant Theatre series (KIT) set-ups each come with either two or five main loudspeakers, a subwoofer (with integrated power amplifier) and compact DVD/CD player, with that crazy little thing called love HDMI technology inside.

Each system is available in glossy black or matt silver, and feature just a single cable between components, so won’t be spoiling your minimalist living room aesthetics anytime soon….

LEGO TECHNIC Motorised Bulldozer: remote-control plastic bobbly goodness


LEGO TECHNIC has launched this cool Motorised Bulldozer, a realistic model fitted with an infrared receiver, and powered by a remote control unit.

It features four individual motors and one battery box, which work together to enable the bulldozer to be driven, turned on the spot through 360 degrees, its blade and piston engine to be operated, and driven on its realistic caterpillar tracks.