The Nintoaster is back – now in 16-bit


You may remember around 6 months ago we published a piece about the Nintoaster – a fine, if somewhat pointless piece of engineering ingenuity where the innards of Nintendo Entertainment System were crammed still working into the shell of a toaster with the bread-loading mechanism in tact. Given there was a five year gap between Nintendo releasing the NES and the SNES, it’s pretty impressive stuff that the same modder has a toaster based on the newer hardware already.

Other than the step up from 8-bit to 16-bit gaming, it’s more of the same, from the modder.You still switch it on by pushing down the bread switch (technical name that, I’m sure) and it still gives you a nice warming glow, even if you can’t use its original function of cooking bread.

Clever German uses an MSI Wind, and a grinder, to create a fake MacBook Mini


The fans of small computers over at Liliputing – who must be well happy about the rise and rise and rise of the “netbook” and the impact it’s having on their Adsense earnings – have sourced a rather insane guide that shows a technically adept person how to build a MacBook Mini.

So, if you can’t quite bring yourself to spend the vast sums required to get a MacBook Air, you can have the next best thing – thanks to a German user on the MSI Wind forums. Yes, that’s just a lovely MSI Wind, with an Apple logo cut into the lid…

DIY VHS USB hub: fun, nostalgic project, apparently


Given that you can pick up a four port USB hub for about five quid these days, there’s no economic value in converting an old VHS cassette tape into one (particularly as you need to buy a USB hub to make it work anyway, but for sheer nostalgia, and for the dream of clogging up your desk with a great big hub rather than a tiny one, this project could be for you.

Mention “hot glue” and “soldering equipment” and I’m running — at least for a small project like this — but if it’s your thing, head over to the Instrucables web site and give it a go…

Show off your clocksmanship with Furni


We’ve posted a lot of odd clocks here over the years, but here’s your chance to not only design your own, but to have it be part of the Furni catalog. To enter, download a cut-fold-and-paste PDF of their LED digital clock kit, place it in the peculiar clock formation of your choosing, and email a graphic back to Furni. Submissions so far are heavy on clocks embedded in showers, but I really like the one that appears to be a tape degausser or maybe a primitive Geiger counter. You can never have too many ambiguous clocks. [GT]

Furni’s online shop: “Show us your Skills” (via Moco Loco)

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Build a supercharged eAT-6 "Texan" paper airplane


Yes, you can send a paper airplane 30 meters — if it has a battery-powered motor on it. Popular Science has a supercharged eAT-6 paper airplane DIY that uses bristol board and a salvaged capacitor to make a paper airplane that leaves the rubber-band blasted variety in the dust. Their total cost is £7, but that assumes £2 for 4 AA batteries and you can probably just steal those from your boss’s pager. [GT]

supercharged eAT-6 paper airplane DIY

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DIY: Green Lantern ring — it even glows!

DIY: Green Lantern ring — it even glows!


“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power: Green Lantern’s light!” Make your own GL beams complete with healthful green glow courtesy of Instructables’ How to make a Green Lantern ring. The original GL DIY was sterling silver, but this one is transparent green resin, since most people don’t have access to silver casting, and since making a resin-made ring glow is much easier. [GT]

How to make a Green Lantern ring- including a glowing version! (via MAKE)

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