Nintoaster. Has there ever been anything cooler?

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nintoaster.jpgAn important rule that I learnt early on in life is “never toast electronics”. After putting a spare PCI soundcard in a toaster once to “see what would happen”, I wish I hadn’t. Flames and burning plastic, and a ruined toaster were the result. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was still a glorious act of destruction.

Next time I want to mix toasters and electronics, though, I’ll call up the intriguingly named Stupidfingers, because he’s come up with a much better way of mixing toasters and electronics. He’s put a NES in a toaster. That might not sound like much, because people have already crammed the poor NES into controllers, lightguns, etc etc, but the result is much better than you might imagine. To turn the machine on, you push down the toast slider, and when on, the whole thing glows red, just like a real toaster.

The creator’s put together a “making-of” video, and it’s awesome. Lots of footage of him banging circuit boards with hammers, and very little of actual “making of”. It’s hilarious, though – watch it after the jump.

Nintoaster (via Raptr’s Twitter)

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